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Gas Ducted Heating vs Reverse Cycle

Choosing a heating system can be confusing as there are numerous options available. The most popular choices are gas ducted heating and reverse cycle systems. Gas ducted heating was once considered more cost-efficient for heating living spaces, but with drastically rising gas prices, this may no longer be the case. Recent evidence from Sustainability Australia found that reverse cycle heating (and cooling) systems are generally more cost-effective than gas heaters. Energy star ratings of the systems will influence running costs, but reverse cycle heating is increasingly proven to be the superior option when it comes to cost of running.

Why is a Reverse Cycle System Better?

Rising gas prices and other economic factors have contributed to reverse cycle systems becoming arguably a better choice than gas heaters. The Energy Institute and the Alternative Technology Association estimate that up to one million Australian homes could save hundreds of dollars annually by switching to a reverse cycle system.

The local Energy Institute states that:

Space-heating saves around $1,733/year (a savings of 77%). These were modelled for a large home in Canberra and $658/year (63%) for a large home. 

Most householders are unaware of the remarkably easy savings due to out-of-date and inaccurate information. Households across Australia stand to collectively save in the order of $250 million/year by simply turning their gas heaters off and utilising their reverse-cycle air conditioners if they have them in their homes.

As you would expect, homes with solar energy systems installed will be able to run reverse cycle systems at much lower costs, a benefit gas heaters simply can not offer.

As solar energy gains popularity and gas prices continue to rise, reverse cycle systems are quickly becoming the preferred heating method. The introduction of more energy-efficient reverse cycle systems in the market further solidifies their status as a cost-effective heating solution.

What Other Benefits Do Reverse Cycle Systems Offer?

Apart from lower running costs compared to gas heaters, reverse cycle systems do not emit carbon monoxide gas, a potentially lethal, odourless gas produced during the combustion process in gas heaters. Thus, reverse cycle systems don’t require maintenance as frequently as ducted gas heaters. An annual service keeps your reverse cycle heater in good condition and running efficiently, with no need for regular carbon monoxide testing.

Reverse cycle systems also outperform gas heaters in terms of functionality, offering both heating and cooling capabilities for excellent seasonal adaptability.

How Can I Get These Benefits?

If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner (RAC), you can start saving immediately. People need to be aware that using their RAC in winter can be the most cost effective way to heat their home. Simply turn off your gas heating and use your reverse cycle system instead.

If you don’t already own a reverse cycle system and rely on costly gas heaters, help is available. Ideal Air’s team of expert HVAC technicians can replace gas heaters with reverse cycle systems. For more information or a consultation, feel free to contact our team.

If you’re considering replacing your old gas heater, you may want to strongly consider switching to a reverse cycle air conditioner as a more convenient and cost-effective way to heat your home.

It depends on priorities, if you want the most efficient heater that also ticks all the boxes on comfort, ducted gas may be the right choice for you.

To make the switch for your heating and cooling, get in touch with the friendly team at Ideal Air. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch at (03) 8548 1291 or complete our online form.


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With so many years of experience fixing and repairing air conditioning systems, you can trust Ideal Air for the best results.

We can professionally maintain all brands and types of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems including:

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Cooling Services

Why Regular Maintenance is Essential for Your System?

Regular servicing and maintenance are critical for the optimal performance of your air conditioning and heating systems, much like they are for your vehicle.

Routine maintenance significantly reduces the likelihood of system failure and extends the lifespan of your investment.

Additionally, regular service helps to decrease your energy usage, which ultimately leads to financial savings in the long term.

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Cooling Repairs

Below is a brief overview of some of the steps we take while servicing your cooling system. This is not an exhaustive list, and we perform additional checks and resolve issues as they arise.

  • Ensure flare nuts are securely tightened to prevent gas leaks
  • Examine and secure all electrical connections
  • Assess the current draw of electrical components
  • Inspect the entirety of the ductwork for any air leaks
  • Verify that the system is achieving the correct airflow

For a comprehensive list specified for each type of air conditioning system, please click 'more info' below.

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Ducted Heating

  • It is crucial that ducted gas heating units receive regular maintenance and service from qualified professionals to ensure safe operation and peak performance.
  • Neglecting to service heaters properly can lead to costly repairs and pose a hazard to you and your loved ones.
  • One of the risks of improperly serviced gas heating systems is the potential for carbon monoxide leaks, often caused by unvented gas.
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  • Our team has been delivering expert services and repairs for over two decades.
  • We take great pride in our swift response times and unwavering commitment to excellence, efficiency and dependability.
  • We advise that all heating and cooling systems undergo servicing every winter, when they are subject to more frequent use.
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